About The Webinar

The webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of apprenticeships in the Educations Sector
  • The Apprentice Levy
  • Timescales for apprentice recruitment & enrolment
  • Apprenticeship suite for schools
  • Apprenticeships for School Business Professionals
  • Latest funding update
  • HR guidance for managing Apprentice contracts – FusionHR

About Us

FEPS have partnered with Heart of England Training (HOET) who will provide advice and guidance for schools who are considering apprenticeships and or utilising the apprentice levy for existing employees.

FusionHR now supports over 350 schools and our team has extensive education experience to share with you. As certified power presenters the team are passionate about improving education.

Heart of England Training (HOET) have been delivering apprenticeships for over 40 years and we work nationally with a range of schools, academy trusts and local authorities to deliver a carefully constructed portfolio of qualifications for non-teaching staff, alongside our traditional office and management-based qualifications. These apprenticeship courses provide excellent CPD opportunities for existing school staff, but we also offer a free recruitment service if you are considering an apprenticeship for a new member of staff.

  • Costs


  • When

Friday 4th March 2022

11am – 12noon

  • Where