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Module 1 – Human Resource Management in Context

Module 1 helps to gain an understanding of the specific elements of the HR function within the education sector and supports the learner to acquire a wide range of relevant; practical skills that can be applied within school.


Module 2 – Workplace Investigations in Education Settings 

Module 2 helps to gain the expertise needed to manage a fair internal investigation; from gathering and assessing evidence through to presenting findings.


Module 3 – Valuing People and Professional Behaviours

Module 3 introduces the learner to the responsibilities placed on an employer under the Equality Act 2010 and different types of unlawful behaviour. The learner is then introduced to different professional standards and collaborative working strategies which nurture inclusion.


Module 4 – Talent Management and Workforce Planning

Module 4 explores the options for education settings in the form of talent management and workforce planning. The learner will gain knowledge on the essential elements of talent management and acquisition, as well as effective workforce and succession planning.


Module 5 – Successful Staff Absence Management for the Education Sector

Module 5 discusses the causes of and factors behind sickness absence and provides guidance to senior leaders on how to manage sickness absence efficiently with the aim to minimise its rate. The course will equip the learner to manage sickness absence risk effectively, legally and in a way that supports a positive work environment.


Module 6 – Wellbeing at work, Strategy and Practice for Education Settings

Module 6 explores what positive staff wellbeing means in practice and how you can help to create and foster wellbeing in your setting considering your statutory duty, as
well as best practice approaches.


Module 7 – Reward for Performance and Contributions in Education Settings

Module 7 helps the learner to understand the differences of performance and capability in the workplace, how to address performance concerns and what education settings can reward their employees with. The course aims to deliver an understanding of the appraisal/performance management process, provide a brief overview of the capability procedure, how to comply with legal and best practice requirements relating to collective agreements and reward your employees effectively


Module 8 – Effective Change Management, Restructure, Redundancies & TUPE for Education Settings

Module 8 is designed to provide the learner with the skills and confidence to be able to reassess the organisational structure and the roles required going forward. This course will teach the legal constraints and practical techniques to assist the management of a smooth restructuring transition. The course will also shine a light on the transfer of undertakings (protection of employment) regulations 2006 “TUPE”. Understanding the regulations and good practice will assist the learner to better manage the process, avoid unnecessary pitfalls and minimise any disruptions to the process.


Module 9 – Managing Employee Relationships in Education Settings

Failing to manage staff discipline in the workplace can damage employee relations, be financially costly for organisations and waste valuable time. Module 9 will equip
the learner with the relevant skills and knowledge to manage fair and consistent procedures in the workplace in relation to disputes, in order to establish effective partnerships all-around. The core purpose of this course is to prepare learners and build the confidence they need to address workplace issues which may impact your employees negatively.

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The HR Excellence in Education programme is an ideal way to help broaden and extend the knowledge of HR and people management skills of school business

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