About The Seminar

We understand that navigating the intricate landscape of working with Trade Unions poses a distinctive challenge for HR professionals. It goes beyond mere legalities; it’s about cultivating relationships, appreciating diverse perspectives, and fostering a collaborative environment.

Join us for a free webinar, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate Trade Union dynamics successfully. We will delve into invaluable insights, share experiences, and discuss best practices for effectively collaborating with Trade Unions. Whether you’re new to employee relations or aiming to elevate your skills, this webinar promises to be insightful and beneficial.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding Union Priorities: Gain insights into what matters most to unions and their members, enabling you to align HR strategies with their objectives.
  • The Art of Communication: Learn how to speak the same language as Trade Unions, fostering open dialogue and building the critical trust necessary for successful collaboration.
  • Negotiation, Consultation, and Information: Understand the nuances of negotiation, consultation, and information sharing, recognising their distinct roles and significance in working with Trade Unions.
  • Benefits for HR and Organisations: Explore the substantial advantages for HR professionals and organisations when effectively partnering with employee representatives.

About Us

Fusion Education People Solutions (FEPS) now supports over 1600 Schools and Multi Academy Trusts. Our team has extensive education experience to share with you. As certified power presenters the team are passionate about improving education.

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Wednesday 1st May 2024

11am – 12noon

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