About The Seminar

Step into the realm of effective workplace management with our Lawyer, Paul Menham! Join our exclusive webinar designed for professionals entrusted with discipline and grievance hearings. Our comprehensive webinar ensures you adhere to the highest standards of legality and best practices.

In this enlightening event, we delve into crucial legal and principles essential for conducting fair hearings. Gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of preparation, decision-making, and navigating diverse scenarios, whether it’s conduct, performance, or absence-related.

Master the art of seamless hearing preparation and execution, and learn to adeptly address any challenges that may arise. From handling appeals to understanding legal notice requirements, our webinar equips you with indispensable knowledge for effective workplace governance.

Don’t miss out on crucial insights into employees’ rights to accompaniment and the nuances of remote hearings. Elevate your expertise and ensure smooth, lawful proceedings. Reserve your spot now and empower yourself with essential skills for fostering harmonious workplace relationships while mitigating legal risks.

About Us

Paul Menham, Gunnercooke, is a popular and entertaining speaker who is regularly invited to speak at external events by a number of external providers.

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Tuesday 24th September

10:30am – 12noon

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Online Webinar