About The Webinar

Sustainability is a key topic in education. We are proud to be helping the Ministry of Eco to reach out and provide engaging support for primary schools to deliver a new green curriculum. The session will feature interactive activities to update knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of sustainability, as well as analogies suitable for school audiences to communicate the key ideas. Join us for this free webinar.

About Us

Ministry of Eco are a collaboration of teachers working together to place sustainability at the heart of education. MEE brings together all the best sustainability teaching resources available into one cohesive and holistic curriculum for all primary schools in Britain. They have rearranged the national curriculum around broad enquiry questions to provide the kind of education that’s needed today. Working with teachers and pupils at pilot schools, they have created a curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 to help primary schools to take advantage of teaching materials developed by leading environmental organisations. https://ministryofeco.org/

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Tuesday 8 February 2022

11am – 12noon

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