About The Webinar

An organisational restructure is the process required when handling changes within the staffing structure.  In schools restructuring needs to ensure that any changes made continue to allow the school to provide the education to the children.  This is often tense time for all involved (management included). Leaders must be able to handle the restructure effectively as this can make or break the process as well as employee relations in the future. A key element of a successful restructure is a comprehensive business case.

With this in mind this masterclass will look at:

  • Key sections of a business case
  • Understanding your policy and procedures linked to restructuring.
  • What to and what not to include and why
  • Understanding the timeline and the need to stick to this.
  • What to consider when considering alternatives from employees

About Us

FusionHR now supports over 350 schools and our team has extensive education experience to share with you.

As certified power presenters the team are passionate about improving education.

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Wednesday 18th October 2023

11am – 12 noon

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