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Flexible working

The session will cover: New Flexible working Bill 2023

The New Flexible working bill will bring about changes to how employers need to process a flexible working request, as well as understanding when requests can be made and by who and the timeframes for this process.  We will cover what these changes mean for you and any changes you need to make to your current policies and procedures, we will include:

  • Who can apply for flexible working and when?
  • The statutory timescales for considering a flexible working request.
  • What should be taken into consideration?
  • What if the request can’t be accommodated?
  • Making and conveying the decision
  • What steps to take if the employee appeals the decision
  • Legal updates and future proofing your policy



An organisational restructure is needed to handle change within your school, this could be displacing posts, changing the school day, roles and responsibilities, all of these will be to ensure you are balancing budgets but still meeting the educational needs of the children. Undoubtedly, when looking at structures it is a tense time is for everyone involved, from those implementing it, Senior Leaders who make need to make adjustments, Colleagues affected and the wider school community. It is important that restructures are handled sensitively and in line with your school/trusts policies and procedures as well as run effectively so that they meet the needs of the school/trust in the future.


Low Level Concerns

KCSIE 2022 part 4 describes what Low level concerns are and the impact they may have on school staff. Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts are handling minor employment matters daily, but low-level concerns must be properly recorded in the right way and in the right place to ensure that employment law is complied with.  We will give you this insight into how you as leaders can identify patterns of behaviour that may, in the worst case, add up to a major concern and thereby help to keep staff and pupils safe, as well as ensuring the school/Multi-Academy Trust are legally compliant.

Some of the concerns raised daily may not meet the threshold of an allegation and you have to consider this when receiving these concerns. However, ensuring that they are recorded in a suitable way will also provide schools with the evidence they may need to justify any future course of action deemed necessary, such as disciplinary proceedings or dismissal.

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