About The Seminar

It’s not just the success of the next generation of students who are positively impacted by a successful recruitment campaign, it’s the safety of students and fellow employees too.  Built around safer recruitment legislation and best practice guidelines, the team at Fusion Education People Solutions present FACE-Ed.  FACE-Ed is a recruitment ATS designed specifically for the education sector that links to a HR Information system.   As well as demonstrating how FACE-Ed can revolutionise your recruitment process from hire to retire, the session will discuss:

  • How to present your brand, your identity, what you stand for as an employer and what makes you attractive to a candidate?
  • How preparation is key where deadlines are tight, and speed is essential to find that gem of a candidate
  • What support is out there from the government for free?
  • Keeping your children safe – covering more than just the absolute essentials we will go that one step further
  • Recruitment compliance – a checklist of what needs to be covered and the best practice extras
  • Advertising – is it money down the drain at times? What is the best approach?
  • The best way to manage the whole recruitment process and ensure candidates remain engaged throughout
  • Efficient employee onboarding – let’s be honest it probably could be improved!

Take that well deserved time out to network with fellow education professionals, pick up some great hints and tips, and take the opportunity to ask the experts at FEPS for a second opinion on any people issues you may have

About Us

Fusion Education People Solutions (FEPS) now supports over 1000 Schools and Multi Academy Trusts. Our team has extensive education experience to share with you. As certified power presenters the team are passionate about improving education.

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Friday 19th May 2023

1pm – 3pm

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