About The Course

Supporting employees affected by Menopause.

Whilst 50% of the population are affected by Menopause it is still very much a taboo topic.  Employers need to understand Menopause to be able to better support those affected.  This sessions will discuss what Menopause is, identifying the symptoms and how employers can support their employees.


Identifying and understanding bias:

Everyone is biased, its natural and human nature.  The danger is not that you have biases, instead, the threat is in your unconscious and unexamined biases. Those ideas, beliefs, and stereotypes that cloud your vision to how your ideas, belief, and stereotypes impact real individuals. Being able to identify and understand bias enables us to challenge them, making us more self-aware and empowering us to make a bigger impact on ourselves and those around us.


Effective delegation:

What is delegation?  Is it simply assigning a task?  When delegation is done correctly and for the right reasons, it helps promote a climate of trust and creates growth opportunities for your employees. This session will look at effective delegation and provide you with 5 key principles to help you embed an effective delegation process.

About Us

FusionHR now supports over 350 schools and our team has extensive education experience to share with you. As certified power presenters the team are passionate about improving education.

We are also Safer Recruitment Accredited Trainers under the Lucy Faithful Foundation.

  • Costs

HR Consultancy Clients: 2 places free of charge
SLA Clients: £75 + VAT for 2 people
Non-SLA Clients: £95 + VAT for 2 people

  • When

Tuesday 21 March 2023

8.45am Registration, 9.00am – 11am

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Delivered Virtually